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Napiers Claid Clinic (formerly the Napiers Lyme Clinic) specialises in providing expert tailored herbal treatment plans and prescriptions for people trying to manage long Lyme, long Covid, post-viral fatigue and other sequelae of bacterial and viral infections. Our team of herbalists are available for consultation and are experienced in supporting patients with tick-borne infections, moulds and latent viruses.

Angela MacRitchie

Naturopathic Herbalist Dip.Nut.Nat., BANT, AMH. Angela is a Naturopathic Practitioner and Herbalist practicing at the Napiers Claid Clinic, Napiers Bathgate and at Napiers Glasgow. Angela studied her Diploma in...

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Audrey Marchbank

Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons), MNIMH Audrey lives just outside of Edinburgh in Midlothian, with her family all up and grown, she isfinding more time to devote to her passion...

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Clare Holohan

Medical Herbalist BSc(Hons), MNIMH Clare is an experienced, qualified Medical Herbalist in the Western herbal medicine tradition. She is based in the West Highlands of Scotland, home to deer,...

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Kim Stirling

Medical Herbalist BSc (Herbal Medicine) Kim is a Medical Herbalist in the Western herbal medicine tradition. She originally qualified as a dental nurse in 1996. As a Lead Dental...

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Monica Wilde

Research Herbalist MSc (Herbal Medicine) UCLAN, ILADS, FLS. Monica is a Research Herbalist with a Masters degree in Western Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire. She is...

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News and Views


Bell’s Palsy ~ the face and the gut?

Lyme disease, caused by a tick-borne spirochaete of the Borrelia species, is associated with facial palsy and, in acute Lyme, gastroparesis


Chronic fatigue, Lyme, Covid and the gut microbiome

Antibiotic use in early life and throughout life “favours an intestinal microbiota composition which might be a risk factor for ME/CFS” (Konig et al., 2022). Clinically, I also find this to be a highly common pattern in patients with stealth infections especially those with lengthy and difficult recoveries. This finding was borne out by the discovery by Morissette et al, 2020 that 80% of post-treatment Lyme patients with ongoing symptoms, including neurocognitive problems, have a distinctive gut microbiome ’signature’. This was independent of whether and how long patients had been on antibiotic therapy.


Trials test mushrooms and herbs as anti–COVID-19 agents

In the COVID-19 pandemic’s early days, integrative medicine specialists Gordon Saxe, MD, PhD, MPH, and Andrew Shubov, MD, watched in frustration as desperate patients infected with the novel coronavirus tried one ineffective remedy after another.


Welcome to the Napiers Claid Clinic pages. Claid stands for Covid, Lyme And Infectious Diseases. We are a group of herbalists specialising in supporting people struggling with bacterial, viral and fungal infections and the long-term consequences of them.

We believe in patient-centred care and take an integrated approach to health issues. So we also work alongside some G.P.s and infectious disease consultants to ensure that your treatment plan complements any prescribed medicines.